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Smart Home Automation

Digital Safe Alarm's Home Automation package is at the cutting edge of household management, with systems that can all be accessed remotely. You can manage your thermostat, small appliances and lights with your cell phone ó never wonder if you left the coffee pot on again!

Digital Safe Alarm's Automation will help you manage your home the way you like it, while conserving energy and saving money. Itís estimated you could save up to $24 a month on energy cost with a Digital Safe Alarm's Energy Efficiency package.




Innovative Technology

The Control Panel is an easy-to-use, touch screen control panel that is the core of Digital Safe Alarms home systems. The Control panel uses remote technology and can be controlled anywhere via smartphone or computer. It features 2-Way Voice and Built-in Cellular Primary Monitoring.

Digital Safe Alarms has an array of products to secure your home including window and door sensors, key fobs, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, severe weather alerts, glass break detectors and more.


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